Western Open World Multiplayer Adventure

HEAT is a Western Open World Multiplayer Adventure Survival game. I was fully responsible for the game's soundtrack and sound design. The soundtrack is composed of 10 songs that play from time to time while playing the game. The soundtrack is a mixture of ambient bluegrass, cinematic country, and some action pieces with influences from western films, traditional country and ethnic sources.

The sound design direction was something realistic but with an impactful punch. My goals were to make sounds that felt satisfying to hear repetitively without losing it's initial impact. The game features over 2000+ original sound effects of all kinds. Cannons, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Axes, Throwing Knives, Ropes, Bow and Arrows, Doors, Production Stations (smelters, cotton wheels, etc), Building Materials, GUI, Status Effects, Animals (Horses, Bears, Birds, etc), Deaths, Blood/Gore, and Environments for 15+ biomes.

Soundtrack will be released and posted near the game's final release.

"Kevin is a very talented and great artist. He works well under tight schedules and delivers a quality product everytime. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for sound or music services."

William Sworin (CodeHatch)