Sci-Fi Action Hack and Slash

Nelo is my first project with a story, cinematics, and dynamic music. I was responsible for creating the games overall atmosphere of sound and music. The game required music for ambient moments in levels as well as when action would kick in. Cinematic songs had to be timed with the already made cutscenes, as well as composed for a variety of moods (action, moody, sad, regret, etc). The game currently features 2 boss fights which have the main boss do attack moves in rhythm to the music. I did sound design for the boss and enemy introductions as well.

The vision I had for Nelo's soundtrack was something dystopian, moody, and in your face when the action kicked in. The soundtrack had many EDM influences and I was able to showcase my strengths to the best of my ability. The game is still in production and I am continuing to polish the audio and work on upcoming chapters. All audio was done remotely from my in home studio.

Nelo's main challenge was to make music that was enjoyable to listen to for long periods of time, especially the ambient sections. I wanted the music to be more than background music and be something that really made the player feel apart of a unique dystopian world.

Video above shows cinematic sound and music done for Nelo.

Video above shows the dynamic music that also is synced with the enemies attack patterns.

"Kevin Greenlee strongly shares our vision with Nelo. He puts in the same level of passion and care as we do for this project. For us, Kevin is willing to break out of any mold and comfort zone to venture into the creative unknown. Fully aware of the project’s scope, Kevin has gone above and beyond what we expect. He nails the aesthetics and matches the lightning-fast gameplay and gritty, dark sci-fi visuals and puts both emotional atmosphere and punch into Nelo’s experience. We at Magic & Mirrors are fast and agile developers and Kevin is able to perform with this same level of maneuverability, flexibility, and perseverance needed to keep up with our pipeline. I am blessed to work with this man!"

Kevin Bryant (Magic and Mirrors)

"...And did I mention the beats in Nelo’s soundtrack are great? They’re great.
They marry wonderfully into the game’s visual aesthetic and the frenetic pace of combat." - Slickster Magazine