Reign of Kings

Medieval Survival

For this project I had to create ~1000+ sound effects and a 10 song soundtrack (~800 sounds and 6 songs had to be completed in less than 8 months) over a year long period. This project was my first time working with a medieval theme. I learned to make many different types of sound effects that I had never done before. The game features sound effects ranging from swords, crossbows, javelines, trebuchets, to armor contact, material contacts, armor rustling, horns, musical instruments, environments, building blocks etc.

The soundtrack was the first try at the genre. Goal was to be diverse in moods and atmospheres to keep things comfortable when playing the game. Inspirations include: Skyrim, Oblivion, Game of Thrones, Handful of Medieval RTS games. All music was composed and produced in-house at CodeHatch.

Video above shows a quick example of the sound design that was done for the game.

"Kevin is a very talented and great artist. He works well under tight schedules and delivers a quality product everytime. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for sound or music services."

William Sworin (CodeHatch)