RPM: Gymkhana Racing

Drifting Driving Game

RPM: Gymkhana Racing is a stunt course driving game. In 2011 I provided and edited music for the project. I deiced to show off the songs I thought were the best from the soundtrack. The music was created prior to me working with the game but some edits to were made to fit the game better. It was a brief time I worked for the project but I had a lot of fun with it!

"Kevin provided the music for a game we did some years back, RPM: Gymkhana Racing, and every track he provided was spot-on. The music ended up being easily a highlight of the final game. Great guy to work with too."

Jorge Sanchez (BlueRiversa)

"The soundtrack is also pretty cool, with plenty of adrenaline-pumping techno tunes by Kevin “Loudcore” Greenlee." -148apps

"Its courses are fun to navigate, it boasts some very pretty graphics, and its soundtrack has some thumpin' good tunes." -SlideToPlay