Sci-Fi Survival

For Starforge, I was responsible for its soundtrack and sound design. Starforge was a project originally pitched to me around 2012 and was worked on by a small group of people who eventually started a company called CodeHatch. After completing about a quarter of the soundtrack, I was offered a job to work in their studio in house in Edmonton, Canada. Here, I was able to finish up the rest of the needed sound effects and soundtrack. The soundtrack consisted of random songs that would play, atmospheres that would play on certain biomes (areas such as space, digging underground in caves, and songs that would play on trigged events (crafting a gun, building a car, enemies, entering a spaceship, etc). Final project had around 500 sound effects and 22 songs.

I also was responsible for importing and implementing the sounds for weapons, environments, characters, etc. This project was one of my first in sound design and learned how to create sounds for guns, building, cars, materials, etc.

Video above shows a quick example of the sound design that was done for the game.

"Kevin is a very talented and great artist. He works well under tight schedules and delivers a quality product everytime. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for sound or music services."

William Sworin (CodeHatch)