Bionic Heart 2
Seasons of the Wolf

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Tales of Avaron: Seasons of the Wolf

Seasons of the Wolf is a visual novel RPG. After completing Bionic Heart 2's soundtrack, I was asked to create an original soundtrack that takes place in a fantasy medieval world. I created 18 tracks for the game that vary in moods from happy, intense, lighthearted, to sad, angry, and relaxing. I was asked to make the soundtrack in a short amount of time on a limited budget.

Bionic Heart 2

Bionic Heart 2 is a visual novel game that is the sequel to Bionic Heart. At the time I had a catalogue of music that clients/developers could license. The developer for this game purchased a bunch of my music off of that catalogue and made any adjustments that were needed. (some songs needed a melody revision, EQing, looping, intros or outros). The songs were created sometime in 2012 with the game releasing in 2013.

"Making the right music for a fantasy epic RPG like Seasons of the Wolf is not an easy task. However I've found Kevin to be a great partner to work with. He revised the tracks quickly when I asked for (minor) changes and captured perfectly the various situations of the game: epic battles, despair, dark places, frantic battles, and so on. In the past he has also done music for a sci-fi visual novel, Bionic Heart 2, showing that he's also quite versatile. - Recommended!"

Celso Riva (Winter Wolves)

"Bionic Heart 2‘s music works just as well, and helps make the game even more special. It conveys the mood of scenes and settings well. It can be used as a stand-alone soundtrack. Hell, if someone were to make a Bionic Heart-style pen-and-paper game, it could be used as atmospheric mood music for play sessions. It just generally works. The music, coupled with the story, would actually be more than enough to justify the expense." -TechnologyTell